Our Services

You probably figured out we do personal and semi private training by now… here are some details.

Semi Private Training

Fun-ctional classes building primal patterns and real world stability, strength and power. Class size is limited to 5 and we run varied programs through the year. Check us out on MindBody for our latest program.

Personal Training

Personal Training tailored just for you. Start with an in depth assessment, discuss your goals and create a plan that will get you there.

What makes us great; you ask?


This isn’t our first rodeo. We have seen it before and can call on our years of experience to help you find the right program for you and achieve your goals. And you will have fun doing it!


Is that a word? We are not sure but we like the way it sounds. Come join us. Living your best life is living a healthy life. Try your best and be coach-able and you will succeed. Fun events and a supportive team of health practitioners are available through our network.

Amazingly responsive

Facebook groups, text messages, skype calls, not to mention good old fashioned face to face interactions. We are here to support you when you need us.

Smart Programming

Our sessions are built around solid science as well as the latest research. This means less injury and more #GAINZ

We can help you achieve…

Health and Longevity
Exercise that Works For YOU
Corrective Exercise
Fun Results Oriented Atmosphere

Start Today!