About Us

Build Your Foundation
Finding The Strength Within You
Moving With Power

Yep, that’s a haiku and it describes our training pretty well. 

When you train at Gillham Fitness you can be sure you are getting a well rounded program that builds a balanced body. A body with symmetry and stability to avoid injury. Our programs will build strength to give you more confidence to do the things you love doing and do them better. You will develop power to move faster and your friends and family are going to notice.

Classes are small which means you get the attention you deserve. 

Classes are varied so you don’t get bored…but not so much that you are confused and sore all the time.

Classes build functional real world strength and movement strategies using primal patterns and appropriate regressions and progressions for any fitness level. Leave your ego at the door and you will do great. Yes YOU!


John Gillham – Founder

I grew up running….very….long….distances (50 miles anyone?) Then I started lifting weights. My body transformed and a whole world of movement opened up along with a consciousness of my body I had never known before. I endeavor to help you get stronger by challenging you with well thought out training to make you a better human.